amythyst - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsUnderstanding sizing is vital when shopping for beds and mattresses in order to make sure your choice will fit where it’s supposed to, provides you with premium sleep space and is fitted with the right sheets, duvets and accessories. Choosing a new mattress or bed can be a confusing process if you do not know your doubles from your kings, but this simple guide will make it easy to get your dimensions right if you are buying in the UK.

Perfectly Proportioned

Starting with the smallest standard mattress available in Britain, the small single is perfect for little guest rooms or as a child’s first bed. It measures 75cm by 190cm or two foot six inches by six foot three. The single is perfect for solo sleepers and guests, providing a comfortable sleeping area whilst only taking up the minimum amount of space. The dimensions of 90cm by 190cm or three foot by six foot three inches are perfect for an average-sized person. A small double is the ideal choice for smaller rooms, for teenagers or for adults who sometimes share a bed with a child or simply want a little extra space. This bed measures 120cm by 190cm (four foot by six foot three). The standard double is one of the most popular choices on the market, providing plenty of space for an average couple whilst still only taking up the essential amount of space. A UK double mattress measures 135cm by 190cm or four foot six by six foot three inches.

Fit for a King and Queen

A king mattress provides a little extra space for couples who want room to move around in bed or for those who often end up sharing space with offspring — or even more than one of their children. It is 15cm wide and 10cm longer than a double, measuring 150cm by 200cm or five foot by six foot six. This is increasingly the most popular choice for British couples, who find that this size perfectly fits in with their homes and their comfort requirements. A super king mattress or bed is the same length as a king but offers a further 30cm or a whole foot more width. This is the ultimate in night-time luxury but will only suit those people with a large bedroom. It measures 180cm by 200cm, the equivalent of six foot by six foot six, and is an ideal choice for larger couples and people with disabilities who may need room to move, or be moved, around. It is also a good choice for partners who want to get the most sleep possible even if they share a bed with someone who is restless or moves a lot during the night or parents who often welcome their children into the middle.