rugs - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsAs the centre of the home, a living room should be full of atmosphere and feeling and so getting the decor and furniture right is a must. Choosing the right rug and placing it correctly can be the thing that sets a living room apart. Indeed, the best rugs can transform an ordinary living room into a true social hub or an oasis of calm — whatever it is you desire for your own home. Of course, in order for any rug to match the personality of any room it is vital that colour, texture and pattern are taken into account. But in addition to this — and of equal importance — is where exactly the rug itself is placed. For as much as we might like to think you can simply throw a rug in a room in order to achieve an instant transformation, the reality is quite different.

First Things First

Before you even consider the colour or pattern of your living room rug, you must be clear with yourself as to why the rug is necessary and how it will be used. Indeed, by identifying the purpose of your proposed rug, you will be led to a decision about size. For example, if you want the rug to bring together every aspect of the room, then a large item is in order; however, if you want the rug to define different areas within the room, then you may actually want a number of smaller rugs to differentiate the space. For many homeowners who desire to unify their living rooms, choosing one substantial rug is a natural choice. Whether you opt for a large rug which incorporates each area of the room or a smaller rug that sits centrally, a singular point of focus is defined and maintained, creating a clear and concise design concept. If you are considering the latter, it’s best to use your coffee table as a starting point by choosing a rug slightly larger than the piece of furniture. For the former, making sure the rug is big enough to match each piece of furniture is advised.

Breaking Up

An alternative way to use rugs effectively in living room design is to choose a number of smaller items which work to define certain areas of the room and direct the eye to a variety of focal points. This could be a rug for the coffee table, one in front of the sofa and another running alongside a book-case. It may not be appropriate for all spaces, but it can be an imaginative way of creating space within the living room.

Seeing Is Believing

Making these decisions can be tricky, so it is advisable to arm yourself with masking tape in order to mark out where your rug, or rugs, could potentially go. When measuring your marked-out areas, it is best to give yourself a few centimetres extra in order to avoid your eventual purchases being too small or inappropriate for the space. Whatever the decision taken, it is always a good idea to opt for a top-quality rug that will offer you comfort and style well into the future.

Creating Your Own Rugs

Utilising carpet remnants is an excellent way of creating your own rug. It’s also a very clever way of getting a considerably more expensive carpet at a reduced price, as remnants are often priced to clear. This is an extremely customisable way of working and means you can really choose exactly the style and feel of the rug you choose for your home. When the edges of the carpet are bound, the remnant essentially is reborn as a rug. This of course gives you options in terms of resizing, allowing the piece to perfectly compliment the style and colours of the room you’d like to place it. If you’d like to know more about carpet remnants, visit our information page here or pop into any showroom. We’d be more than happy to discuss your options with you!