laura ashley collection epsom stripe duck egg - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsNow 2015 is well under way, it’s becoming clear what interior design trends are here to stay and which were just passing phases. With that in mind, we take a look at the most prominent trends for this year.

Fresh & Light Tones

Regardless of which type of flooring you’re planning to have fitted in your home, you will find it impossible to resist the fresh Nordic-inspired tones. Ever increasing in popularity, these delightful pastel shades are quickly becoming the most popular choice for the home. With the potential to knock beige from the top spot, these beautiful citrus hues of yellow, green and orange, along with soft grey, are becoming a key player in the interiors market. Many more carpet ranges are beginning to incorporate a pastel palette which is reflective of these 2015 trends.

Natural Tones

Similar to the aforementioned propensity for subtle, fresh carpet tones, natural tones are on the rise. It’s believed that a lot of this is down to a bigger demand for wooden flooring, but there are other natural features that are creeping their way into carpets too. Wool is looking to be as popular as ever, and this lends itself wonderfully to subtle, natural tones. There are also supposed psychological benefits to the natural tones that many people are opting for at the moment, with subtle patterning and colours believed to have a calming effect.

Striped Carpet Designs

The emerging affinity for striped carpets is partly thanks to a revival of ‘vintage’ style carpet designs and developments in very clever yarn effects and patterns. Frequently being used to match or compliment plain and neutral shades, stripes seem to be making a comeback, as do patterned carpets as a whole. When done properly a striped or patterned flooring solution can completely change a room, with designs to suit all tastes really coming to the forefront. Many people are choosing to put stripes on staircases and matching plains in the surrounding areas that lead to the stairs, or bordering a striped carpet with a matching plain carpet. It can be an excellent way of adding a real visual edge to a room that is already making use of very understated styling techniques, as well as becoming a feature in its own right.

Super Soft Carpets

Moving away from the aesthetic elements such as colour and pattern, one of the real carpet trends to take note of this year is the super soft carpet. Typically featuring man made saxonies and twists, manufacturers are now able to produce carpets with a super soft twist pile. Not only do these look great, they are also suitable for most areas in the home, and it appears that their popularity could continue for years to come.