Month: October 2015

Beautiful Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom is much more than just a room for sleeping. In order to induce restful slumbering, it should be a warm, cosy area that has the right mixture of furniture and furnishings with an appreciation of design, styles and colours. Inspiring Bedroom Ideas Creating a

What are the Benefits of a Wool Carpet?

In recent years, wool carpets have become increasingly popular. They have long been renowned for their high quality and the material’s ability to retain its appearance is highly sought after, especially in interior design. Mixing Wool Fibres Wool from sheep native

Carpet Colour Considerations

There’s a great deal to think about when choosing a colour for your next carpet. The design and style you pick can say a lot about your personality, as well as creating the right atmosphere in the room. However, by selecting the wrong colour you could change the

Buying Beds & Carpets Online

The Good, The Bad and The Uncomfy Online shopping has never been more popular, with increasing numbers of us turning to the convenience it offer. Indeed, whether it is a service being purchased or a physical item, it seems everything is now available at the click

Carpet Flammability & The Benefits of Wool

Wool carpets have a long list of benefits, a lot of them stemming from its natural fibres. One of these is a natural resistance to flame. Carpets and other floor coverings made of synthetic fibres can encourage the spread of the fire, passing it quickly to