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Online shopping has never been more popular, with increasing numbers of us turning to the convenience it offer. Indeed, whether it is a service being purchased or a physical item, it seems everything is now available at the click of a button. Some have reservations about shopping for beds online, but in reality, many of the fears people have are unfounded. In this article, CMS Downs debunk some of the more common online bed buying myths.

Comfort and Convenience

There is little doubt about it: purchasing beds or carpets online from the comfort of your sofa is far less work than actually getting out to the shops themselves, but does that make it the best option? When it comes to choosing a bed, there are certain constraints that make browsing and subsequently buying online a relatively safe bet. For example, the dimensions required for a bed will likely be set in stone and can help to reduce and refine search options when navigating through websites. In addition to this possibility of bed-buying convenience, purchasing through an online carpet store as opposed to a physical carpet shop can often provide truly competitive prices – sometimes even as low as wholesale – making it an option indeed worth considering.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered?

However, it perhaps goes without saying that buying either beds or carpets online as opposed to in a bed or carpet shop does have its potential pitfalls, particularly when using the services of online-only retailers. Such organisations tend not to employ their own delivery staff, meaning that they are reliant upon outsourcing such tasks to courier companies with little experience of the expertise needed to deliver both carpets and beds. Indeed, the know-how required to actually manoeuvre a carpet or bed frame into the home means that sometimes items simply end up being left outside. With such a lack of continuity and brand loyalty, this can result in poor delivery standards, and in some cases it can even mean damaged goods being received and disappointment all round.

All-in-One Service

Choosing to purchase your items from a bed shop or carpet store based in a physical environment can sometimes deal with these delivery concerns. Many companies which enjoy a presence both online and on the high street organise and run their own distribution service, meaning that delivery is a far more streamlined and professional affair. Furthermore, many established companies offer both building and fitting services. Bed frames can be difficult to put together, and carpet fitting is a specific skill, so having help here is perhaps worth the extra cost that shopping in a store can sometimes carry. Saving time is also something to consider here. If you buy your carpet from one company, have it delivered by another and then have to employ a third to fit it, you may find yourself paying over the odds when compared against the convenience of using just one organisation. Of course, the choice of whether you buy through a website or in a store is entirely up to you. But for some, being able to see and feel a product will always beat the convenience of shopping online.