img 2968 1 - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsThere’s a great deal to think about when choosing a colour for your next carpet. The design and style you pick can say a lot about your personality, as well as creating the right atmosphere in the room. However, by selecting the wrong colour you could change the overall feel and have to live with the wrong decision. There are a number of areas you should think about when choosing a carpet colour.

The Room

It’s important to consider the room that the carpet is for, as this can impact on the colour choice. An area that sees a lot of traffic, such as an entrances or family room, is probably not suited to lighter shades. These rooms are more likely to suffer from dirt and stains which will show up quicker on more neutral colours. If you are opting for a lighter colour, a more expensive material will wear better than a cheaper version.

Interior Design

When decorating a room, the carpet is one of the more expensive items you’ll need to purchase. Therefore, it’s important to get the choice right. You should think about the overall style of property, as well as the general interior design of the individual room or area of the house. If you want a carpet that will go with a range of colours and styles, you should stick with more neutral shades. These won’t dominate a room or make a big statement. Bolder colours will make more of a feature of the carpet, but these can lead to a room seeming too cluttered and busy if you’re not careful.


The choice of carpet colour can instantly change the atmosphere of a room. Darker shades provide a warmer and sophisticated edge. They are well suited to dining areas, family rooms and hallways, whereas lighter colours can open up a room and make more use of the natural light. This makes them a great choice for bedrooms.

Colour Trends

As with any area of fashion and interior design, there will always be individual trends within carpet colours. However, it is important to look at the overall investment you’re making. This is a costly item that you will keep for many years. Therefore, it needs to be something that you can live with and that won’t date too quickly. If you intend to keep your carpet for a number of years, you might not want to follow these trends too closely. Beige isn’t on trend, but it’s always an easy option to go for. This type of carpet will never go out of style and goes with any colours. Whatever colour carpet you end up choosing, it needs to be something you can be happy with for many years. What suits one room and one homeowner might not necessarily be right for another.

Planning your Room

One excellent way of planning out the visual style and colours that you’re going to be using in the redesign of your room is to create a Pinterest board. Pinterest is a hotbed for creatives and especially interior designers, and is an excellent place to look for fresh inspiration. You can create your own themed pinboards where the styles and colours you like are stored in one place, and this is an excellent way of creating a visual moodboard of what you want. It’s always handy to be able to see your ideas visualised before you’re completely committed to implementing. If you haven’t yet visited Pinterest, you can view our very own Pinterest page here.