chesterfield supreme 1 resize - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsA bedroom is much more than just a room for sleeping. In order to induce restful slumbering, it should be a warm, cosy area that has the right mixture of furniture and furnishings with an appreciation of design, styles and colours.

Inspiring Bedroom Ideas

Creating a beautiful bedroom can be done easily. There are many design ideas that can be used as inspiration to be recreated in your own boudoir. As well as following fashions, you can add your own individual twist or theme to a design to make it unique and personal to you. Make use of interior design websites, blogs or magazines for sources of ideas or to ignite a creative streak.

Making Small Changes

Injecting an element of style and glamour to your bedroom does not necessitate a complete makeover. In fact, revamping a bedroom can be easily achieved by making simple changes that can have a dramatic effect. The wonderful thing about this is that it is accessible for anyone, no matter what their budget is. Indeed, if you are limited to a budget, then pick out central aspects of your bedroom that you would like to update and focus on these initially. A good start could be decorating a feature wall of the bedroom, adding a new lampshade or ditching tired curtains for some brightly coloured blinds.

A Design Style or Theme

When creating a beautiful bedroom, consider what sort of design style or theme you want to emulate. This will help you to focus on what you want the room to look like, and will also ensure that it does not end up becoming a mish-mash of colours, patterns and varying designs. In many ways, styling should be kept simple for a bedroom. It should, after all, help to promote sleep and not keep your brain wired through over-complicated design schemes. Creating a theme or style is pretty easy. You might want to focus on a particular colour or pattern or create a distinctive feel such as floral, vintage or seaside-inspired. Make sure that different elements of the bedroom work in harmony to pull the theme or style together.


The colours that you choose for your bedroom are very important, as they can have a big influence on the look and feel of the room but may also affect how you sleep. According to colour psychologists, colour can affect a range of emotions in humans, and certain colours are thought to have a soothing effect. Soft pastel colours are perfect for bedrooms. Avoid use of dark, strong colours such as red as this can have an energising effect which is not ideal if you are trying to get to sleep. That is not to say that you cannot use small areas of your favourite bold colours here and there in tiny doses in the bedroom — just ensure they do not become the dominating tone.

Beautiful Beds

Many people opt for a new bed when it comes to revamping the look and feel of the bedroom. Beds come in all shapes and sizes and cater for a range of budgets, so there should be something available to suit everyone. Comfort, style and colour are key considerations, as well as whether the bed is made from wood, metal or leather. For a really practical look that will blend in easily with other furniture, the Sienna High Foot End Bed in Honey Oak will brighten up any room and is simple yet exceptionally stylish. If you wish to emulate a vintage feel in your bedroom, then the Oscar bed has a charmingly Victorian feel, complete with hand-poured castings, a sweeping top rail and detailed craftsmanship. For a splash of contemporary glamour, the elegant Emilia Bed, beautifully crafted with ornate detail and electro-plated black nickel finish and crystal effect finials, will catapult any bedroom into a stylish league of its own. If you want to create soft curves in your room, then the Nice Bed is a unique fairytale-inspired bed with curvaceous top rails that will create the perfect centrepiece for a good night’s sleep. Where you place your bed and other bedroom furniture should be taken into consideration when devising a beautiful bedroom. Try to make the best use of the space you have got, include furniture that suits the dimensions of the room and avoid surplus items that have no use. Banish clutter from the bedroom and maximise storage usage.

Beautiful Flooring

Bedroom flooring can influence the look and feel of the room, so consider upgrading dated carpets or rugs to provide an instant makeover. Carpets come in all types and colours, so choose one that blends in well with the rest of the room. Pick a good-quality durable carpet that will not get worn easily or fade quickly. If you are choosing a carpet for a child’s room, then consider one that is easy to clean and maintain.