nice king bed - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsWhy Is Finding The Right Bed So Important?

There are countless benefits from a great night sleep which is why choosing the right bed is so important to how you feel both physically and mentally. It is proven that a great night sleep will:
  • boost your energy levels.
  • enhance your immune system.
  • improve your memory and mood.
  • assist cell regeneration and slow the visible effects of ageing – that’s why they call it beauty sleep!
In particular, if you suffer from back pain, finding a bed that will support you in the right way can be very difficult. People are often told that a firmer bed will be best for a bad back and firmer beds are often labeled as orthopaedic, but this is misleading as the bed and level of support needed is unique to each person and depends on your size, build and natural sleeping position.
We recommend spending time trying out lots of different base and mattress combinations and lying on them in your natural position for about 5 – 10 minutes. Prioritise solely based on comfort, rather than price tag –  you may even find that a cheaper bed offers more comfort for you! Although, don’t forget that you can always talk to one of our bed experts in store for personal help and advice on choosing a bed.

Choosing The Right Mattress

The type of mattress you choose could be a deciding factor on how much you enjoy your new bed. If you purchase a new mattress without properly taking the time to try it out, then you could be in for many sleepless nights. Here at CMS Downs we offer a wide range of mattress styles so there is bound to be the perfect mattress just for you.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are often a popular choice, offering superior comfort, premium quality and various levels of memory foam tension available throughout our range. You will benefit from heightened pressure relief as the memory foam is designed to mould to the contours of your body, making them a perfect choice for those suffering with aches and pains.

Open Coil

Open coil mattresses are one of the most cost effective mattress options on offer. If you’re looking for comfort and a good night’s sleep on a sprung mattress then these are an excellent choice. Highly popular as a single mattress, our open coil mattresses would make a perfect ‘grown-up’ bed for your child. Traditional spring mattresses are another favourable choice amongst bed buyers. Our Saturn traditional spring mattress benefits from hypoallergenic qualities with a medium to firm feel, offering affordable comfort and design that’s great for both adults and children.

Pocket Spring

Pocket spring mattresses are designed using springs that are sewn into separate fabric pockets. As the springs are individually encased they make a perfect mattress if you’re sharing with your partner, as the movement is reduced to a minimum. The pocket spring mattresses are often combined with additional filling, such as memory foam for increased comfort, or natural fillings which can be found in our Harrison Range.

Posturepedic Spring

Our posturepedic spring mattresses should be your number one choice if you are looking for relief from back pains or have posture concerns. Designed to offer the comfort and support you need for your back with additional hypoallergenic properties and zero deflection springs. Our Sealy range are approved by the Orthopaedic Advisory Board and are designed to offer additional support in core areas such as your back, neck and shoulders.


Vacuum mattresses are cleverly designed to offer support and comfort at any given moment. Great for transporting, vacuum mattresses come vacuum packed to save on space, easy to keep clean and are available in a range of shapes and sizes, from single, double or even super-king size. Thanks to the latest advancements in innovative technology, vacuum mattresses arrive rolled up and are ready to use in just a few hours.

Choosing the Best Size

When choosing the size of your bed you will want to take into consideration the size of your bedroom and how much space you need. If you are sharing your bed with a partner ensure that the length of the bed is 15 – 20cm longer than the tallest person and that both of you can lie side-by-side, with elbow space for both.

Bed Sizes

Small Single 75cm   x 190cm 2’5”x 6’2”
Standard Single 90cm   x 190cm 3’0″ x 6’2″
Small Double 120cm x 190cm 4’0″ x 6’2″
Double 135cm x 190cm 4’5″ x 6’2″
Kingsize 150cm x 198cm 5’0″ x 6’6″
Super King 180cm x 198cm 6’0″ x 6’6″

Other Things to Consider


If you have limited space, a bed that offers storage under the bed could be a very important factor. This can either be fitted drawers or space for storage boxes that can slide underneath. The placement of the drawers or boxes is also important to think about because if they are near the top of the bed you may not be able to access them easily without moving your bedside table.

Movement and Disturbance

Are you often woken up by your partner moving around or getting in and out of bed? Some beds are specially design to minimise movement and ensure that both of you get a great night’s sleep. Speak to one of our advisors in store if this is something you would like to know more about.


It’s often a struggle for those with allergies to get a good rest and night, speak to one of our in store advisors about our hypoallergenic beds, mattresses and bedding options if this is important to you.

Too Hot or Too Cold

Everyone sleeps differently so let us know if you feel too hot or too cold in bed currently. Often people only blame their bedding, which is a factor, but the right bed and mattress also plays a huge role in your temperature at night. Tell us what you want in your new bed and we will find something that is just right.