07d3d54d c980 410e b8c1 ab60320bdd35 - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsWhether you are the owner of commercial premises, you run a school or you are a healthcare provider, the type of flooring for your building will be chosen with a variety of factors in mind. The considerations will be entirely different from those associated with choosing flooring for a domestic property. Here we look at some of the issues you may be finding with investing in new flooring, in addition to the various types of commercial flooring that are available.

Different types of commercial flooring

There are four principal types of flooring that have been proven to be suitable for commercial premises. These are vinyl flooring; hardwood flooring; safety flooring; and durable carpets that have been designed for commercial use.

If your building includes a kitchen area then commercial vinyl flooring is ideal for this area. It is also a great choice for bathrooms in commercial applications. Vinyl floor tiles are a good idea as these allow for partial replacement when damage from wear and tear occurs.

Hardwood floor coverings look great in business premises such as restaurants, as well as offering practical benefits. They can be easily swept to remove dirt and dust, while liquid spills can be mopped.

Safety floor coverings are best suited to environments such as healthcare facilities, schools, industrial kitchens or commercial properties where the floor has heavy use. Such flooring can help to prevent accidents as it is slip resistant. Oil and stain resistant versions are also available and it is possible to obtain safety flooring in a range of colours and effects.

Choosing the right carpet for your commercial property

If you have opted to use carpet in your commercial property then there are some factors specific to this flooring type. Think about where the carpet is to go. Is it for an area that will receive lots of ‘foot traffic’? If this is the case then you will need to choose a hard wearing carpet, ideally with either a twist pile or a cut frieze pile. You may also be wise to choose a carpet with a pattern or colour which will minimise the degree to which footprints, dirt and stains can be seen. If you are choosing carpet for a school or similar building then a stain proof carpet is a wise investment.

Whether you are looking for wooden flooring in Newbury or vinyl flooring in Woking, provided that you think carefully about where the flooring is to be used, the practicalities of the various types of flooring available and your budget, you should have little trouble in identifying the most appropriate option. To find contact details and locations for all of our stores, then click here.