laura ashley collection epsom stripe duck egg - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsUpgrades to wallpaper, paintwork and soft furnishings can instantly transform a room, but carpet changes are one of the simplest ways to add character, personality and a fashionable touch to your home.

Your choice of carpets will undoubtedly reflect your personal tastes and the way in which you want your floor coverings to work within your home. You may choose a carpet to form the neutral backdrop for other interior design features or opt for a statement piece around which the rest of the room will revolve.

Whichever is true, current trends can give you a starting point from which to choose the carpets that can quickly transform a dated room into a modern space to be proud of or add a fashionable twist to a classic or contemporary home.

Changing Tastes

If you read our article from last year on the Top Carpet Trends for 2015, you will know that our carpet experts in Woking and Winchester reported the big trend for Scandinavian designs and simple pastel shades. An enthusiasm for similar warm minimalistic styles continues today, and the passion for Scandi-style just continues to grow and grow.

People browsing our carpets in Newbury and those in our Winchester store are also showing an avid interest in an increasingly fashionable Mediterranean and contemporary country fusion. Its appeal is far-reaching, but its versatility is a huge defining factor. The style is perfect for a huge variety of homes, ranging from the super-contemporary to the sublimely classic.

Led by the Med

The current on-trend Mediterranean style cleverly combines contemporary elements with traditional patterns and classic country colours. This is rustic simplicity for 2016.

These types of designs also lend themselves exceptionally well to being used on rugs. This makes it really simple to introduce a modern Mediterranean twist to your interior design without having to commit to a completely new floor covering.

New Take on Neutrals

When it comes to carpeting, neutral colours will never go out of fashion, but 2016 is seeing the introduction of some new takes on the theme. This year, tones such as soft greens, subtle blues and pale yellows are taking on the standard beiges in the race for carpet space, offering an interesting alternative to tans and creams that can still make coordination a breeze.

Other trends to look out for this year include coloured flecks and patterns and textures that show up vacuum marks the least – a hit with the super-savvy carpet shopper of 2016. Bold colours are also in vogue when contrasted with neutral wall coverings, whilst interest in 1970s-inspired designs is expected to increase as the year progresses. Whether you’re looking for the most modern carpets Newbury has to offer or Winchester’s most fashionable floor coverings, browse the CMS Downs collections today.