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The bedroom should be the one place where you can feel relaxed and able to rest and recover from the day. However, if your bedroom is not the most relaxing or restful place, then there may be a reason for this. Here we look at why some bedrooms are not the ideal space to rest and relax in, and how some simple but effective solutions can help you to fix this.

Choosing the Right Bed

In any bedroom the bed should be the focal point, but with so many beds to choose from, finding the right one can be a minefield. Given that we spend so much of our lifetime sleeping (for an average person this is around 25 years), finding the right bed is important.

Assessing your bed and mattress regularly to make sure they are still meeting your needs is also vital. The bed itself should fit your style and the style and decor of your bedroom, while the mattress needs to be providing you with the right support during the time you are asleep. It is recommended that you change your mattress every seven years for reasons of hygiene and wear and tear, but always make sure you ‘try before you buy’ so that the mattress you choose is the right one for you.

Clear the Clutter

Finding the right bed is great, but if your bedroom is a mess, then you will not get a good night’s sleep. Try to make sure that the bedroom is clean and tidy, including putting clothes away or in the laundry as well as freeing your room from paperwork and electronic devices. A great way to turn your bedroom into a clutter-free zone is to invest in some smart storage solutions, including cupboards and drawers.

You may even want to think about a bed with built-in storage to provide another solution – for example beds with Ottoman bases which have increased hugely in popularity in recent years. With an Ottoman bed, you are able to lift the base (either electronically or manually) and use the whole underneath for storage space. You are not restricted by drawer size of weight restrictions, so these can be a great solution for bulkier items.

Creating the Right Ambience

Once your bedroom is free from the distractions caused by clutter, then it is time to invest in some soft furnishings to create the right mood as well as inject the room with some of your own personality. Soft furnishings could include the sort of bedding that you choose to put on the bed as well as additions such as blankets, cushions and quilts. Some people choose to have an armchair or small chaise longue in the bedroom, while others opt for floor furnishings such as rugs that can make the room feel more homely as well as provide an additional focal point.

Hopefully, this has shown the importance of preserving the bedroom as somewhere to rest and relax and given you some ideas for how to turn yours into the perfect bedroom. Whether you are looking for beds in Newbury, beds in Woking or elsewhere, there are plenty to choose from at CMS Downs, so you are bound to find the right one for you and your room.