Year: 2017

Commercial Carpeting Services – Interview with Gary Inwood

We recently had a chat with our General Store Manager Gary Inwood about our commercial services. We explored interesting locations we’ve provided flooring for as well as the challenges of commercial over domestic projects. Q: What interesting or unusual places

2017 Bed Trends from The Bed Show

As we pride ourselves in keeping up to date with current bed trends and the latest innovations, we ensure we regularly visit trade shows to ensure we always have the knowledge we require to provide the best options to guarantee a peaceful and comfortable night’s

Highlights – Harrogate Flooring Show 2017

We recently attended the Harrogate Flooring Show 2017 and wanted to share a little about what we got up to while we were there. Our main focus was to find some fantastic new stock ranges to share with our valued customers. In addition, we also wanted to look at

How Has Carpet Evolved?

Humans have always had the desire to protect their feet from the cold by covering flooring with carpets. In prehistoric times, animal furs and hides were used for this purpose. As time went on, however, other materials were used instead to cover floors, offering

New Winchester Flooring Studio

Not everything in life can be perfect, but we know that your flooring can be. Located within our Winchester store, our newly completed flooring studio has been designed to showcase the very best of our luxury vinyl and wood flooring products, helping you to easily

Luxury Vinyl Tiles | Buyer’s Guide

If you still think of 1980s-style lino when you picture vinyl flooring, it's time you took another look to see how much the industry has moved on. From ultra-realistic ceramic-look designs to wood effect and pretty patterns, it's now possible to recreate just about

Divan Beds – Everything You Need to Know

If you're looking for a new bed that comes with a seal of approval from many satisfied users, a divan bed is a great option. Here's all you need to know about this type of bed in a divan beds guide. What Is a Divan Bed? Essentially, a divan bed is a base with a

Keeping Your Flooring Current

The right flooring choice can make or break the appearance of a room, especially if your aim is an on-trend design. That doesn’t mean that fashionable choices can’t complement the look of your interiors for years to come, however, as the following 2017 trends

Best Bed Buys 2017

Choosing a new bed and mattress poses many dilemmas. Comfort will be a top priority, but the style will also feature highly. When you've got so many bed options at your disposal, including divans, four-posters or bed sofas, as well as many mattress types such as