media 20170302 - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsFinding the right flooring for the different rooms in your house can be a challenging task. Ensuring you have the correct style, pile and texture for each individual room is an important factor of buying carpets and flooring.

What Goes Where?

Discover which types of flooring are most suitable for the specific rooms and areas within your home:

Hall, stairs and landing

This area of your home gets a lot of wear and tear so it is recommended that a carpet with a tight pile will offer greater durability, perfect for withstanding outdoor shoes and frequent use. As these areas are generally subject to heavy traffic it is also important that the carpet chosen will clean and wear well to retain its appearance.

Bedrooms and living room

Your living room and bedrooms are areas of your home that deserve the greatest luxury underfoot. Thick pile carpets and rugs are used to create this feel so that you can kick your shoes off and enjoy the feel of super soft carpet with your bare feet.

Bathroom and kitchen

The type of flooring you choose for your bathroom and kitchen must be able to endure any liquid and offer an easy to clean surface. Flooring such as Luxury Vinyl Tiles, vinyl, wood and laminate are all excellent options for these rooms.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are an innovative new flooring that are taking the flooring world by storm. They have a huge choice of designs, whether authentic wood or natural looking stone. They are durable (scuff, scratch, slip and water resistant) as well as being energy efficient, warm underfoot, and with low noise impact.

The Style of Carpet

To a certain degree the look and feel of the carpet may well determine the type of carpet that you choose for an area in your home.

Twists are practical and generally perform very well throughout most areas of the house and are a popular choice because of this. By choosing one type of carpet throughout it creates a sense of flow and space as the carpet blends into the colour scheme. Twists are available that are made from wool, man-made fibres or a blend of both.

Loop pile carpets can create either a very rustic or on trend contemporary feel dependent on the colour and design chosen. They are available in either wool, manmade or a blend of fibres. Factors to consider when buying a loop pile carpets, is that they don’t seam together as well as twist piles, so joins may be more noticeable. Also pet’s claws may ‘snag’ on the carpet.

The Saxony carpet is a very popular deep pile option creating a soft and relaxing ambience. They offer a luxurious feel underfoot, making them a superb choice for bedrooms and living areas. Generally made from man made fibres they can often also offer the benefit of being stain resistant.

The Carpet Fibre Options

When you’ve decided which rooms to choose new flooring for, then it’s time to learn about the different fibre choices available:

Wool and wool mix

Wool is a great fibre for carpets, offering high quality and natural materials that are very resilient. Their high levels of durability make them ideal for hallways. For a more all-round carpet a wool mix could be the perfect option for your home, combining wool and manmade fibres (such as Polyamide or Polypropylene).

Polyamide or nylon

A polyamide carpet, also known as nylon, provides a the most durable carpet option of the man made fibres. Perfect for a family home, they often come, but historically, although extremely durable they have not had the in-build stain resistance of other man made fibres like Polypropylene. Very recent product innovations have meant that carpet manufacturers are now introducing stain resistant nylon carpets making for hassle free cleaning in busy family homes with children or pets.


A polypropylene carpet has inbuilt stain resistance and often these come with Stain warranties. It is widely used in family homes because of its practicality, affordability and more recent fibre innovations which have made fibres softer. Over time Polypropylene may flatten in heavier use areas.

Hardwood Flooring

If carpet isn’t the right option for your home then our hardwood flooring is a fantastic choice. With underfloor heating becoming a very popular feature for homeowners, carpets are no longer the number one choice. Hardwood flooring allows the heat to circulate upwards so you can enjoy warmth underfoot throughout your home, as well as attractive flooring.

For hardwood flooring options at CMS Downs, take a look at our Alpine Engineered Oak, available in both light and dark tones to suit your home.

Find Out More

For more information about the right flooring options for each room of your home, browse through our carpet and LVT flooring pages. To request a free home visit to measure, estimate and see flooring samples, contact CMS Downs in Winchester, Woking or Newbury today!