teramo 1400 - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsWhether you’ve got a bedroom in mind which needs renovating, or you simply want to inject a breath of fresh air into the existing decor, take a look at the key trends and best buys for this season.

English Florals

2016 was a great year for floral patterns, reflecting the quintessential English charm. Bedspreads hit the shelves full of dark, dramatic blooms, with 2017 remaining on a similar theme but with a move towards pretty florals, marigolds and daisies making a strong appearance.

Our Juliet bed frame, with it’s flossy white finish, looks great with delicate floral bedding. Enhance the style of a cosy country cottage by teaming the white Juliet bed frame, floral bedding and a soft Saxony carpet.

Slender frames are also a feature of 2017, dominating the popular trends. With people moving away from chunky legs and styles and more towards elegant, leaner designs, our wooden framed Lincoln bedstead available in grey, oak or stone is a superb option to stay bang on trend.

Luxurious Fabrics & Clever Layering

This trend is all about the revival of luxe fabrics, modern glamour and creating your own combinations to fit your personality.

Tying in well with the increased popularity of the likes of fabric bedsteads, the Chesterfield Elite provides the perfect backdrop for luxurious bedding and a chic style that can really complement your bedroom. CMS Downs also offers the Chesterfield Royal bed frame with its winged back headboard. Both frames are available in over 30 fabric colours and styles, so you can completely customise your look.

In more recent times traditional divans have also had a makeover, with most manufacturers offering the bases in on trend luxurious fabrics in varying colours with matching headboards as a standard option.

Bringing a variety of fabrics into the bedroom, through the bed and bedsteads, not just through linens brings an extra level of warmth and sophistication to any bedroom.

Soft & Relaxing

Flooring has also produced some strong trends this year, with some sumptuous flooring options increasing in popularity. There has been a resurgence in Saxony carpets as new technology has created super soft fibres, which combined with the very plush texture of a Saxony create a truly sumptuous and luxurious feel.

To discover a super soft and luxurious carpet, the Saxony Temptation is a popular choice from CMS Downs. For more information, contact one of our carpet and bed stores in Woking, Winchester and Newbury.