win flooring studio - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsNot everything in life can be perfect, but we know that your flooring can be. Located within our Winchester store, our newly completed flooring studio has been designed to showcase the very best of our luxury vinyl and wood flooring products, helping you to easily find the perfect flooring solutions for your home. Our range includes the finest styles from leading flooring brands which have been carefully selected because of their unwavering commitment to both durability and style.

We believe that our attention to detail can transform a great space into an exceptional one. Using our understanding that the perfect tone of wood-effect flooring can enhance the cosy and comfortable atmosphere every outstanding living space should have, and our knowledge of how particular sizes of tiles can influence how spacious and luxurious a bathroom looks and feels, we will ensure you secure the best results for your space, whatever your style.

Love Your Floor with Luvanto

Revolutionising the world of flooring, the Luvanto range will help you to achieve the floor of your dreams.

Available in an array of timeless styles, effortlessly combining classic design with contemporary features, the Luvanto range guarantees that whether you’re looking for the perfect accompaniment to an elegant sleeping space or a cosy living room, there are a variety of choices to suit your personality and lifestyle. Encapsulating classic keystone, intricate herringbone and timeless wood finishes, each style has also been designed with maximum durability and easy maintenance in mind.

As well as providing exceptional quality and a 25-year warranty, Luvanto’s commitment to going above and beyond is second to none and is why we’re proud to recommend their range to our customers. The Luvanto online 3D app can be accessed here. It allows you to see exactly how their flooring options will look within your own home. Experimenting with different stone and wood styles can provide you with a clearer picture of how you’d like your room to look and feel, equipping you with the confidence you need to trust that you’re making the right decision.

Transform Your Space with Coretec Flooring

Believing that floor installation has been a much too complicated process for too long, the Coretec system completely removes the need for fiddly expansion strips, ensuring everything is simplified without compromising on the quality of the finish.

The key advantage of the Coretec system is the little amount of floor preparation (if any) that is required. The Coretec system limits the undulations of the floor which reduces the amount of preparation required before installation. This provides considerable cost savings as often floor preparation can make up a large proportion of the total cost when installing a new floor.

Coretec’s unique waterproofing treatment means that installation for use within wet areas of the home is a breeze, and their commitment to quality materials ensures that your new floor will not experience any of the waves or ripples often caused by slight unevenness in subfloors.

The range of styles and finishes, includes both light and rich tones, intricate wood grain details and elegant stone, slate and marble textures. Each finish has been carefully considered and produced to the highest standards to provide a variety of choices for every style and personality and to suit every space.

No beautifully designed room is complete without a well-chosen floor, and our knowledgeable team, who wholeheartedly believe there’s no such thing as a silly question, are always on hand to provide expert advice every step of the way.