harrogate sheep - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsWe recently attended the Harrogate Flooring Show 2017 and wanted to share a little about what we got up to while we were there.

Our main focus was to find some fantastic new stock ranges to share with our valued customers. In addition, we also wanted to look at the presentation of our branded products and see if there was room for improvement there.

Read on to find out about our successful trip to the Harrogate Flooring Show 2017.

Buying in stock means we can get great value from the supplier and allows us to pass these savings directly on to you. To this end, we’re delighted to announce that we took on three new ranges. We love them, and we’re sure you will too. The flooring we have opted for is manufactured from super-soft fibres that are currently taking the industry by storm. Of course, we pride ourselves on our excellent value for money and affordable price points, and our new stock will be no exception. We’ve chosen to bring in some of the most popular colours of the moment, meaning that now is the perfect time to update your floors and refresh your decor with the latest flooring trends.

Here’s a brief introduction to some of the new stock ranges we will soon be offering.

Our Lyra/Carina Range

We’ve taken on two new stock ranges from Associated Weavers, both affordable soft-touch ranges that are manufactured using the same yarn as the Invictus range. This yarn has been developed with the world’s leading yarn manufacturers using cutting-edge equipment. These beautifully soft carpets have the added benefit of being easy to clean and resistant to stains, making them perfect for family homes. We are one of a relatively small number of stockists carrying these ranges, and we look forward to sharing them with our loyal customers. Both ranges will retail at £12.99, making this a highly affordable option for many homes.

Our Ballad Range

Ballad, supplied in 4m rolls, is a 100% polypropylene Saxony, making it a durable and versatile option. It’s an incredibly soft carpet and is available in an impressive ten colours, meaning you’ll be sure to find your perfect match.


We’re excited to announce we’ll soon have yet another new range for you – the stunning Cashmere range. This comes with a 10-year stain warranty, and, as its name implies, it really is unbelievably soft – just like the real thing. We fell in love with this carpet as soon as we saw it at the show and can’t wait to share it with you in a few weeks’ time.

You’ll also be seeing a few more new products in our stock soon, thanks to the Harrogate Flooring Show 2017, including the convenient and versatile Abingdon Stainfree Valiant range. This polypropylene floor covering has a clever protective barrier applied to it. This barrier, known as Aqua Protec, prevents spills and splashes soaking into the carpet, causing staining. Instead, spills remain on the top of the carpet, meaning it’s easy to mop them up before they cause any damage.