commercialservices600 - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsWe recently had a chat with our General Store Manager Gary Inwood about our commercial services. We explored interesting locations we’ve provided flooring for as well as the challenges of commercial over domestic projects.

Q: What interesting or unusual places have you provided carpeting or flooring for?

We’ve been fortunate enough to provide flooring for a diverse range of interesting locales. A couple of the most well known include Highclere Castle which is famously the filming location for Downton Abbey.

We provided high quality carpets throughout their many rooms and corridors. We also installed high quality vinyl flooring in the kitchen and pantry.

Another well known location is Welford House which famously provides the backdrop for the Great British Bake Off which is filmed in Welford Park. There we provided carpets and vinyl flooring to suit their needs.

We also provided our commercial flooring services to Englefield House which was used to film the BBC’s Great Expectations.

Q: What types of commercial flooring do you offer and who are your leading brands?

We have a large range of high quality flooring suitable for commercial use. We provide carpets from top brands such as Wilton and Axminster in addition to heavy duty slip resistant vinyl which is often required in commercial settings.

Other leading brands include Forbo, Heckmondwike, Polyflor and Joseph, Hamilton & Seaton (JHS).

We also provide additional solutions in the form of trims or dance floors that use luxury vinyl tiles.

Q: What challenges do you face with commercial flooring?

Whilst in parts, commercial flooring is very similar to domestic there are some unique challenges in providing commercial properties with flooring. Through our vast experience and knowledgeable fitters we have overcome these challenges to provide seamless and pain free flooring installation for commercial settings.

The main hurdle we’ve become experts at overcoming is the amount and scale of preparation required in an commercial setting.

Logistics can oftentimes be tricky and require a great deal of planning to enable fitters to install the necessary flooring in potentially busy settings that require contents to be emptied or regular working hours to be navigated.

There can often be times where a high degree of preparation is required such as damp proofing and leveling work to be carried out.

As with modern requirements and regulations risk assessment and method statements also need to be conducted to show safe and methodical practices are employed for carrying out any commercial work.

Q: How does commercial flooring service differ to domestic?

By and large domestic and commercial flooring provision is actually very similar in nature.

Both require the required area to be measured up accurately and estimates provided. Samples are then often provided to help pick the right flooring solution for the location and client’s needs.

The main difference is that with commercial there are quite often more demanding logistics to be taken into account and worked out prior to installation.

Q: What sectors do you provide commercial flooring for?

We are involved in a diverse range of sectors and have provided flooring solutions for a variety of different locales.

These include large estate properties, schools and pubs. We also often provide our services to healthcare buildings such as doctors, dentists and nursing homes.