We care about providing quality products for all our customers, which is why we hand-pick only the best mattresses from companies that support our core values. Each of our mattresses for sale is chosen for its incredible value and market-wide appeal, ensuring that you have an item in your home that you can call upon for years to come. In the coming months we’ll be shining the spotlight on some of our suppliers and describing just what makes them so special.

Our buying team make a conscious effort to offer a selection of best of British products, so today it’s the turn of two truly exceptional companies, Mammoth mattresses and Harrison mattresses.


Mammoth was created when its founder, John Tuton, suffered a rugby injury which damaged his ribs and back. Being struck down in his twenties drove Tuton to speak to colleagues in the healthcare industry, and soon he invested all his time and effort into returning to good health. Using sleep science research, he created a mattress which promotes wellness by responding to the unique characteristics of an individual’s body.

The Medical Grade™ foam mattress has been rigorously tested by the University of Northumbria and is used by the NHS. Tests have shown Medical Grade™ foam mattresses help people fall asleep 29% quicker and improve sleep efficiency by 7%. Furthermore testing revealed 46% greater pressure relief, 69% faster cooling and 21% more enjoyable sleep.

Medical Grade™ foam is Mammoth’s own innovation and superseded memory foam more than 10 years ago which does not retain heat like memory foam does. Medical Grade™ foam has been found to improve sleep, relieve aches and pains and increase circulation and blood flow to recovering muscles. Mammoth are also in Partnership with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and is widely recommended by health practitioners.

Unsurprisingly, Tuton’s original target market was high-performing athletes and Olympians. Mammoth mattresses hold a contract with the Rugby Players’ Association and have recently signed a deal with Tottenham Hotspur to become the Official Mattress and Pillow Supplier at their soon to be completed private player accommodation lodge.

Whilst Mammoth have only been trading for just over ten years, they have quickly taken the market by storm with their innovative thinking and superb Medical Grade™ foam mattresses. However, it’s worth noting that in addition to their Medical Grade™ foam only mattresses, they still offer high quality traditional pocket sprung mattresses that are combined with a generous layer of Mammoth’s pressure relieving Medical Grade™ foam.

Mammoth really do epitomise their ‘Science of Comfort’ tagline and even have their own sleep expert in Dr Jonathan Bloomfield who is one of the UK’s leaders in sleep, fatigue and human performance.


Harrison have a century of history behind them and still use the time-honoured techniques of 100 years ago. Each mattress is stitched by hand in a Leeds-based factory just 18 miles away from where their fillings are grown on Harrison’s very own picturesque 300-acre farm.

Incredibly, it takes a year to grow materials for just one Harrison mattress. Dense, springy wool is sheared from Harrison’s 300 sheep who roam the farmland. Hemp and flax are used for their absorbency and ability to wick moisture away from the body, keeping it cool. Other luxurious materials are added to the blend, all carefully sourced for optimum quality and longevity. Cotton and Egyptian cotton are used for their absorbent nature, and horse hair is hard-wearing. You’ll also find silk, cashmere and mohair in the lighter top layers, adding luxury and an incomparable softness.

Furthermore Harrison even produce their own springs which they have innovated and created themselves using cutting edge technology to design a spring system like no other. Nearly eight miles of wire are used in each mattress, coiled into a unique ‘revolution’ spring-within-a-spring system that counters the natural movement of the mattresses fillings. These thousands of springs offer exceptional support, and this has won Harrison awards for their uniqueness.

Harrison truly operate an end-to-end manufacturing process which results in a self-sufficient production process which allows them to handcraft high quality bespoke mattresses. Whilst a heritage brand with many years of experience they are still innovating to combine the best mix of traditional methods and materials with technology and award winning springs.

Whichever type of mattress you prefer, you’ll be hard-pressed to find quality as exceptional as Mammoth and Harrison anywhere in the world.