We love that we get to bring fantastic high-quality brands to our loyal customers, and we’re always excited to talk about some of our favourites. We are proud to show both Brockway carpets and Lano carpets, and we thought we’d share a little about the history of each of these respected companies with you. As you will discover, both of these firms have a strong tradition of producing quality and innovative flooring.


Lano was formed in 1970, when three Belgian textile companies – with over a century’s experience between them – decided to join forces and form a brand new company. Today, Lano is known for the excellent quality of its products. Lano later went onto purchase Bajong Carpets, bringing well established products to Lano’s residential tufted carpet segments to their already well established brand. The business manufactures a number of types of different flooring, including incredible broadloom carpets, along with luxurious rugs and even artificial grass. The company’s Axminster and Wilton carpet ranges are particularly successful, and Lano supplies flooring to a wide variety of corporate clients. You’ll find Lano flooring in hotels, restaurants, corporate premises and, of course, countless homes.

The firm’s reputation is built on high-quality and unique design, backed up by an innovative production system that enables the Lano team to control every single aspect of the design and manufacture process. Our Lano ranges GeniusPemberton and Heather Twist are in our Top Ten collection for the best selling carpets and Treasure which has also proved increasingly popular. Take a look at our selection of Lano carpets and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with them, just as we have.


Rather like CMS Downs, Brockway is a family-run firm and prides itself on its strong values. Generations of carpet-makers have honed the skills required to produce quality flooring, and the company is one of the most respected in the carpet industry today. All Brockway carpets are manufactured in the company’s own factory, meaning the Brockway team can oversee every aspect of the process, from design to manufacture to delivery of the finished item. Every carpet is finished by hand to ensure it meets the exacting standards set by the company’s owners themselves. The firm employs some of the UK’s top designers to ensure they remain relevant and current. In addition, because the manufacturing and design processes take place in-house, the Brockway team have complete control over every aspect of the carpets they produce. The raw materials used to make the carpets are carefully chosen, and all members of the manufacturing team – from yarn spinners to suppliers – get the chance to influence the company’s new design ranges.

Come and view Brockway carpets in-store within our Boutique Collection. Beautiful natural and sustainable wool ranges made with British Wool which is hard wearing and luxurious. On trend undyed neutral shades that are durable, long lasting and look good for longer, offering the warmth and comfort that is wool! Whether a beautiful loop pile carpet, or a colourful stripe or wool twist, Brockway has a stunning collection of ranges to inspire you.

These are two respected firms, each with a long history and strong values, and we’re delighted to be able to bring your their products. Please feel free to take a look at our range of Lano and Brockway carpets, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email if you have any questions or require any assistance.