Sealy - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsWe are delighted to introduce two fantastic new suppliers this month: Sealy and Mlily. We take pride in only selecting the highest-quality mattresses for our customers, which is why we have chosen these two renowned brands. Each has a reputation for:

  • excellence,
  • innovation and,
  • expertise.

Both have teams of experts continuously striving to bring customers the best possible sleep experience.

Our First New Supplier – Mlily

An Official Global Partner of Manchester United Football Club, the market leader is renowned for its cutting-edge approach to mattress design and manufacture. The company aims to create beds and mattresses that truly benefit the health and lifestyle of its customers. The company employs a team of expert sleep scientists who work to continuously improve the brand’s offerings. The firm acknowledges that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work in the mattress industry. They strive to deliver a wide range of options to fit every individual. You’ll find mattresses to suit any body type, size, age and lifestyle in the collection.

You won’t have any trouble finding your perfect mattress. Whether you prefer a firm supportive mattress or like to sleep on something a little softer, there is a Mlily mattress to help you achieve refreshing, rejuvenating sleep night after night. Mlily offer a bespoke approach to their customers, whereby they deliver directly to them. They offer a variety of mattresses with different spring counts, fillings and feels. This allows you to choose from a range of different types of mattresses depending on your preference. You will also find innovative memory foam mattresses, designed to cleverly mould to the unique shape of your body, guaranteeing you comfort every night.

World-Leading Mattresses – Sealy

Sealy is a Texas-founded company and is currently the world’s largest bed brand. They have been helping millions of people to enjoy a great night’s sleep for over 100 years. They get their name from the town in Texas where they started life. Operating in over 50 countries worldwide, the brand is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality mattresses.

In June 2017, Which? named Sealy as the best mattress provider. For that reason we are delighted to bring you the brand’s fantastic collection to try for yourself. Particularly popular lines within the range include the Napoli and Teramo mattresses.

The Teramo range is a gentle comfort posturepedic 1400 zone pocket spring system for total body support. Teramo mattresses include a deep layer of latex for extra comfort and releasing pressure. Teramo also received an accolade as the “Best Mattress Tested in Years” by Which?. It has received the highest score, when tested against 28 other mattresses, and the report states that the Teramo mattress will still be in great condition and still able to support your body after several years of use.

The Napoli bed range was voted by Which? For the Best Buy award. This Sealy range is authorised by the Orthopedic Advisory Board. The beds help to correctly support and align your spine to reduce aches and pains. Napoli has a medium comfort range rating 7 Zone pocket spring system for total body support. Like the Teramo range, it also has a deep layer of latex for extra comfort and pressure release.

We’re sure you will love perusing our Mlily and Sealy ranges of mattresses.