belgravia oak - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsChoosing a new floor can be a daunting task – especially with so many different options now available for you. We carefully select all of our flooring, and it’s important for us they all stand out on their own merits. PRO-TEK is no different. We offer plenty of our luxury vinyl tiles, however PRO-TEK really do have a unique product utilising ground breaking technology.

PRO-TEK™ was founded back in 1993 in London. The firm was originally a successful importer of wood and laminate flooring products. They spent two years immersed in research and development. They created the exciting PRO-TEK™ WPC range, a line that PRO-TEK™ hopes will completely overhaul the flooring market. The aim of PRO-TEK flooring is to overturn customers’ preconceptions about WPC flooring and deliver something completely new and innovative.

What Is WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)?

WPC is a versatile and practical floor covering. It can be finished to perfectly replicate wood or tiles. This means you can achieve the look you’ve always wanted with less expense and less hassle. Ceramic tile flooring, for example, would cost more and the installation process is more costly and complicated.

WPC, on the other hand, could not be simpler to fit. This hard-wearing flooring can be installed just about anywhere. It uses a straightforward click-lock system, similar to many types of laminate flooring you might have experience with. It is also possible to lay WPC PRO-TEK flooring directly on to your home’s subfloors. This means the floors can be completed in next to no time.


PRO-TEK™ WPC flooring uses cutting-edge technology in order to deliver an extensive collection of engineered flooring in a huge range of finishes. Choose from numerous realistic-looking tile and wood effect floor coverings without the expense and complicated installation of the real thing. This self assembly vinyl flooring is so easy to lay that anyone with moderate DIY skills could install it.

PRO-TEK™ WPC consists of several layers, giving you a durable, long-lasting floor that looks stunning. When you look at PRO-TEK vinyl flooring, you’ll mainly be concerned with the decor layer, but there is a lot more to it than that. The top layer – the one which you walk on – is a UV layer with PRO-TEK’s special anti-scratch protection to keep your flooring looking as good as new for as long as possible. Next comes the wear layer.

This offers commercial levels of protection from wear and tear and stops your flooring from becoming stained. The third layer is the decorative one – this is what makes the floor look like wood or tiles. This layer is resistant to fading, meaning you don’t need to worry about the effects of sunlight or bright light on your new floor. There are three further layers under the decor layer that give your flooring structure and stability, making it comfortable to walk on and providing insulation from sound and cold.

In contrast to many other flooring solutions, PRO-TEK really is a cost effective option, with very limited floor preparation required as well as being water resistant. If you’re in the market for a new floor then PRO-TEK has certainly got to be a consideration. Ask about our collection of PRO-TEK flooring today and find out how it could enhance your home.