cleevesilk1400 headboard - CMS Downs Carpets & BedsWhen it comes to bedroom decor, studies suggest that we don’t invest as much as we do in other areas of the home such as kitchens or living rooms. Your bedroom is a really important space for you. It’s a place of rest, recuperation and relaxation for you.

Decorating and furnishing your bedroom in the correct way is key to a good night’s sleep and healthy lifestyle. So what are the key bedroom decor trends for 2018? Here is some inspiration for designing your dream, bedroom interior.

6 Bedroom Decor Trends for 2018

1.Dark colours

For many years people have shunned bold, dark and brooding colours in the home because of their somewhat claustrophobic nature. But in 2018 we are seeing a shift towards deep, dark colours in the bedroom. These bold statements create dramatic style and can be embraced as much or as little as you want. If painting all of the walls is too much, you could opt for a feature wall. If this is still too bold then go for a dark rug, bed linen or other soft furnishings.

2. Rattan furniture

There has been huge interest in Scandinavian-inspired interior design in recent years. This theme is moving into bedroom decor trends with woven, rattan furniture made from light, natural materials. The beauty of wicker, and other similar materials, is that they are

  • lightweight,
  • bright,
  • relatively cost effective and
  • are hugely stylish.

3. Meditative environment

In the modern world, we are constantly on the move and our homes have become sanctuaries. Modern bathrooms are becoming more spa-like and bedrooms should be treated as a safe place to which to retreat and unwind. Embrace soft lighting in your bedroom to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Dimmer switches, lamps and clustered candles can be a great way to create soft mood lighting. Ban technology from your bedroom and use it as a place to meditate to really create a calming environment.

4. Mix and match

An informal bedroom is a relaxed bedroom. Too much perfection can create stress. Embrace imperfections when it comes to your bedroom decor and experiment with mismatched bedding. Don’t sweat the small stuff, such as ironing bed sheets! You’ll be pleased to hear that the perfectly imperfect crinkled bed is a hot design trend this year.

5. Carpets

The bedroom is one room in the house where carpets are usually preferable. To wake up and feel a plush rug or soft carpet underfoot is a wonderful thing. Thus bedroom decor trends are focusing on bold and luxurious carpets in their bedrooms. Not only does this make a design statement but it adds a touch of comfort and luxury to the room.

6. Your Bed

The bed in your room is the centrepiece of the bedroom, so it is important to take a great deal of care when deciding how to treat this. Whether you prefer a more natural shade bed and headboard to blend in with your colour scheme and use statement accessories such as bed linens, cushions or throws. Or would you prefer a statement bed as the main focal point in your room, this can be done through the size of the bed, the material, design or colour.

Your bedroom can be softened down and given a more luxurious feel by choosing a more sumptuous mattress. Tactile fabrics for your headboard and bed base such as velour or plush or a more utilitarian look to the bed, whilst pairing with faux fur or velour throws can also give your room the luxurious feel you desire.