choosing your new bedIf it’s time to think about choosing your new bed, then make sure you really do some research in selecting the perfect model for your needs. Our guide will help you to make the right choice with confidence.

1. Assess your needs

Think about your current bed and ask yourself whether you have been happy with it. Think about what you have liked and disliked about it. If you have always found it comfortable but know that it has reached the end of its natural lifespan, then it could well be time to invest in another similar one. On the other hand, if you have never found it to be quite suited to your needs, then this is the perfect opportunity to try something new!

2. Measure up space

It’s essential to know precisely how much space you have available when choosing your new bed so measure up carefully. Ideally, you’ll want the biggest bed that you can fit in. But bare in mind you won’t want to squeeze around the edge of your room.

3. Think about storage

Beds with under storage can be invaluable in adding extra drawers and compartments to your home without taking up extra floor space. You’ll find plenty of options to choose from, such as pull out drawers or ottomans. Bear in mind, however, that these models will tend to be a little more costly because of the extra feature.

4. The question of firmness

This is something to spend some time testing; different people prefer different levels of firmness. If you and your partner can’t agree, then you can now buy beds which have a different tension level on each side to suit.

5. Think about the mattress

Of even greater significance than the underlying bed structure, the mattress will be the principal determinant of your long-term comfort. Some are thick and soft; others will be thinner and firmer. Some have technologies, such as memory foam , which create a very supportive feel moulded to your body’s individual requirements. Ideally, come into one of our stores and try out the options such as foam, pocket sprung and open coil mattresses. Our bed specialists can guide you through the different mattresses available.

6. Mattress filling

Similarly, the choice of mattress filling will affect how the mattress feels and may include anti-allergy features if this is something from which you may benefit.

7. Manufacture choice

We only stock reputable brands but it is important to note that each manufacturer will have its own different warranty and varied level of product accreditation and review. Whilst most of the focus is likely to be on comfort and quality, some people have preferences for specific brands.

8. Headboards and bases

You’ll find plenty of beautiful designs nowadays for both headboards and bases, so you can have fun with this bit! A neutral option will allow you to redecorate your room without needing to change the headboard or base – or you can start afresh and decorate around your new bed and its fresh look.

9. Price

Remember that you will essentially get what you pay for with a new bed and mattress. Given that most people will have the same bed in place for at least seven years, it makes sense to invest in the best that you can afford. We sell high quality products at excellent prices so that you can rest assured you are getting a good deal.

10. Service

By choosing your new bed, with the help of our expert team, you will benefit from years of knowledge and experience in order to make a purchase that you feel confident about. This is important when you are investing in a product in which you spend a good third of your life in. Don’t take a chance on a purchase without advice or guidance from the pros – we are here to help!