Everything You Need To Know About A Roll-Up Mattress

Mattresses are not your average purchase, they are an investment, costing anything from a few hundred pounGel Mattress Rolled Image 3 - CMS Downs Carpets & Bedsds to thousands. But what makes the perfect mattress is very personal: one person’s luxury can be another’s sleepless nightmare. That’s why we believe no matter what style of mattress you choose, normal or roll-up, it is vital to test them in store before making that all important decision.

Roll-up (or vacuum packed) mattresses are relatively new to the market and are becoming more and more popular. But what exactly are roll-up mattresses and why should you consider buying one?

What is a roll-up mattress?

A roll-up mattress is a space saving mattresses. They have been specifically designed to roll and undergo a process of vacuum compression. This shrinks them to approximately 25% of their original size. However, they still deliver great comfort and support. Once compressed, these mattresses offer a more convenient way of transporting and getting them into your home.

The tight and compressed size of these mattresses has made them the ideal option for anyone living in an apartment, about to move house or finish redecorating.

Are there different types of roll-up mattresses?

Roll-up mattresses come in a variety of styles, materials and sizes. Generally, they are made of either memory foam, reflex foam, a traditional coil spring system or a combination of each.

1. Reflex and Coil Sprung

If you’re looking for a simple, spare mattress, then look no further. Either a reflex or coil sprung rolled mattress will tick these boxes. Perfect for:

  • a child’s room,
  • bunk beds or
  • spare bedroom.

A reflex/coil sprung mattresses is easy to store and ideal for light, occasional use.

2. Memory Foam

However, if you’re on the hunt for something a little bit more luxurious, then memory foam mattresses can provide the perfect solution. Using shape moulding, supportive technology, these mattresses help to alleviate pressure on joints, giving you a comfortable night’s sleep.

Additionally, both flex and memory foam are naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The structure and density of the foam keeps dust mites away providing a cleaner and more hygienic bed. They are ideal for those who suffer with respiratory issues or other acute allergies.

3. Pocket Sprung

Pocket sprung mattresses are among the most widely sold mattresses in the UK and make up a large portion of the roll up market, offering supportive comfort and elegance in a single package. Containing anywhere between 600 to several thousand coils, these mattresses offer adaptive comfort by adjusting to your weight and sleeping position in order to reduce body strain.

4. Hybrid Mattress

Some roll-up mattresses use a combination or hybrid of both memory foam and coil springs. Considered the best in transportable luxury, these hybrid mattresses combine the best qualities from each to offer the perfect blend of support and comfort.

Should I try a roll-up mattress before buying?

Absolutely. We believe and would always advise that you sample as many mattresses as possible. As we’ve already said, what makes the perfect mattress is very personal. We believe in sampling these products in store before you make your decision. All of the mattresses we supply are stocked in each of our stores, and can be delivered, fresh to your front door.

Does rolling cause any damage to the mattress?

No. The process of rolling and packing does not compromise the overall quality of the mattress in anyway. However, some manufacturers recommend that you unroll your mattress no later than 1 month after taking delivery.

How long before I can sleep on a new roll-up mattress?

There are a multitude of factors which can affect the amount of time it takes for a roll up mattress to expand, such as:

  • materials,
  • filling and
  • size.

Generally, most will only take a few hours. Ideally, they should be left from between 8 – 24 hours to ensure they have fully expanded and are ready for a perfect night’s rest.

Roll-up mattresses can be functional, offering a quality and an affordable alternative. However, it is important to remember there is no one size that fits all. Both normal and roll-up mattresses come in a variety of styles, each with unique characteristics that can suit each personally differently. Whatever the style, our in-store specialists, here at CMS Downs, are always on hand to help you select the perfect mattress for your needs.