When you’re considering purchasing a carpet there are some questions that you need to ask yourself first. Once you have answered the below you’ll be able to browse carpets and make an informed decision on what will work best for your home.

  1. Do you have a budget?
  2. Who will be walking on the carpet?
  3. What is the purpose of the carpet?
  4. Is it in a high or low traffic area?
  5. What looks and feel would you prefer?

There are a few other things that might interest you when purchasing a carpet. We’ve put together some information below.

Why choose a carpet?

It might be that you’ve still not completely decided on which type of flooring you’d like for your home. Whilst laminate has some great properties, here are the things we love about carpets:

  1. Great for soundproofing. Dogs and children can make a lot of noise when running around on hardwood floors. Carpets soften the noise and stop a room from becoming echoey.
  2. Adds a non-slip surface, especially useful on stairs to stop it from being slippery. Also really useful for pet owners so that their pets don’t skid around the house.
  3. Less likely to damage an object when dropped
  4. Easy to put over uneven surfaces, it can disguise the problem a lot better.

What pile should you choose?

Pile is where describing the individual fibres when making a carpet. In general, short, dense, heavy carpets are more durable and hard-wearing than loose shaggy fibred carpets. You can test a carpet’s durability by pressing down on the carpet and seeing how quickly it recovers.

Shaggy, soft and luxurious carpets are fantastic for rooms with less traffic but make the room feel exceptionally comfortable

What’s the difference between woven and tufted carpets?

The difference is in how they are made. Woven carpets are labour-intensive and therefore cost more, while tufted carpets are easier to make and are therefore cheaper.

1. Woven carpets

Woven carpets are made using traditional methods. These methods date back to the 16th century. They are generally high quality, rich coloured and durable. Woven carpets are often popular in hallways and living rooms because of the durability they can provide.

2. Tufted carpets

The more popular choice across the UK as they come in a wide range of prices. These are machine-made carpets and can be looped or cut pile. They are available in a large range of styles.

HF Sensuous - Smoked Silver 1 types of carpetLuxury Saxony Roomshot


Types of carpet

  • Saxony
    Soft, deep, luxurious, cut pile carpets.
    Popular in bedrooms and living rooms
  • Twist
    Smooth, hard-wearing, durable carpets
    Popular in hallways, high traffic areas and with pet owners
  • Loop
    Hard-wearing carpets
    Popular in high traffic areas
  • Berber
    Hard-wearing and affordable carpets
    Popular in hallways
  • Cut and Loop
    Cosy and practical carpets
    Popular in living rooms
  • Velvet
    Dense, short pile, smooth and luxurious carpets

Further Info

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