There are few things you should consider when purchasing a carpet for your hallway. For example your budget or the purpose of the carpet. Here are a few questions you should ask our team when you visit one of our showrooms:

  1. How durable is the carpet?
  2. Is the pattern suitable for a hallway or stairs?
  3. What underlay should we use in such a high traffic area of the home?

How durable is the carpet?

This is a great question to ask while looking for at carpets for your hallway. The hallway is a high traffic area and needs to have a durable carpet to withstand the elements. In general a short, dense and heavy carpet makes a durable and hard-wearing choice for hallways.

You can test a carpets durability by pressing down on the carpet and seeing how quickly it recovers.

Options like twist, loop and berber carpets are great, dense, hard-wearing carpet types, all of which are popular in hallways.

Brockway Galloway Room

Is the patterned carpet suitable for my hallway?

Think about the effect a pattern can have on your hallway. If your hallway is wider at one end, you will be able to notice the change more with a striped carpet. You might then want to consider an alternative option which hides the width change. Think about how a patterned carpet might look on your stairs also, will it make it harder to walk up the stairs for example? Some carpets can cause an optical illusion which you might find unsuitable.

What underlay should I choose?

To get the most out of your carpet and to provide a smooth base, we recommend using an underlay. A good underlay can:

  • Great for soundproofing. Carpets can make a room less echoey, but adding an underlay underneath improves this further.
  • Keeps your heating bills lower by reducing heat loss.
  • Adds additional luxury and comfort underfoot
  • Helps your carpet last longer. It protects the carpets from the floorboards and elements below.

Types of underlay

Choosing the right type of underlay for your needs will make all the difference to the final look and feel of your hallway. Our in house experts would be keen to advise you on the best option, but in the meantime here is a little bit of information about your options:

  • Sponge rubber
    Similar components to natural rubber but has greater stability
    Has a very luxurious feel underfoot
    Great for heat retention and soundproofing.
  • Crumb rubber
    Outstanding durability in high-traffic areas such as a hallway
    Also ideal for rooms with heavy furniture
    Contains over 80% recycled content
  • Crumb felt
    Features a felt layer on top of the crumb rubber
    Contains over 80% recycled content
    Provides the luxury and comfort of the sponge rubber but also the resilience of the crumb rubber underlay

Further Info

To find out more about our carpet options for your hallway and to get some helpful advice from our friendly team please contact us.

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