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CMS Downs’ Top-Tips For Maintaining Your Carpet

 Installing brand new carpet can not only bring a sense of joy and freshness, it can really bring the wow factor to a specific room or home. It not only looks great, but feels even better. I mean, is there any better feeling than freshly laid new carpet?

Roll Up Mattresses - Everything You Need To Know

We all know how vital getting a good night’s sleep can be to staying happy and healthy. But purchasing a mattress without first doing your research can lead to sleepless nights and unwanted aches and pains.

Get To Know Your Carpets

When it comes to choosing the perfect new carpet for your home, it can be quite a daunting task. With such a variety of styles, designs and materials now available, selecting the right one can quickly become confusing.

CMS Downs Top Tips For Choosing Your New Bed

If it's time to think about choosing your new bed, then make sure you really do some research in selecting the perfect model for your needs. Our guide will help you to make the right choice with confidence.

Bedroom Decor Trends 2018

When it comes to bedroom decor, studies suggest that we don't invest as much as we do in other areas of the home such as kitchens or living rooms. But when you stop to think about it, the bedroom is an important space - a place of rest, recuperation and relaxation.

Shining A Light on Pro-Tek

Choosing a new floor can be a daunting task - especially with so many different options now available for you. That’s why we carefully select all of our products, and it’s important for us they all stand out on their own merits and PRO-TEK is no different. You may have seen plenty of our luxury vinyl tiles however PRO-TEK really do have a unique product utilising ground breaking technology.

Create Your Perfect Rug or Stair Runner

If you're looking for the perfect rug to finish off your room and haven't been able to find what you need, why not take advantage of our bespoke rug service? Our bespoke rugs might well cost less than you expected and will ensure every aspect of your rug is exactly as you want it - perfect size, shape, colour and finish.

Mattress Supplier Spotlight

We are delighted to introduce two fantastic new suppliers this month: Sealy and Mlily. We take pride in only selecting the highest-quality mattresses for our customers, which is why we have chosen these two renowned brands. Each has a reputation for excellence and innovation and has teams of experts continuously striving to bring customers the best possible sleep experience.

Carpet Manufacturer Spotlight

We love that we get to bring fantastic high-quality brands to our loyal customers, and we're always excited to talk about some of our favourites. We are proud to show both Brockway carpets and Lano carpets, and we thought we'd share a little about the history of each of these respected companies with you. As you will discover, both of these firms have a strong tradition of producing quality and innovative flooring.

Mattress Supplier Spotlight

We care about providing quality products for all our customers, which is why we hand-pick only the best mattresses from companies that support our core values. 

Carpet Manufacturer Spotlight

We wanted to showcase a few of the leading carpet brands and what makes them special. Associated Weavers and Victoria Carpets are two such brands.

Commercial Carpeting Services - Interview with Gary Inwood

We recently had a chat with our General Store Manager Gary Inwood about our commercial services. We explored interesting locations we’ve provided flooring for as well as the challenges of commercial over domestic projects.

Latest Bed Trends from The Bed Show, Telford

As we pride ourselves in keeping up to date with current bed trends and the latest innovations, we regularly visit trade shows to ensure we always have the knowledge we require to provide the best options to guarantee a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep.

Harrogate Annual Flooring Show 2017 - Round Up

We recently attended the Harrogate Flooring Show 2017 and wanted to share a little about what we got up to while we were there.

Our main focus was to find some fantastic new stock ranges to share with our valued customers. In addition, we also wanted to look at the presentation of our branded products and see if there was room for improvement there.

Read on to find out about our successful trip to the Harrogate Flooring Show 2017.

How Has Carpet Evolved?

Humans have always had the desire to protect their feet from the cold by covering flooring with carpets. In prehistoric times, animal furs and hides were used for this purpose. As time went on, however, other materials were used instead to cover floors, offering improved comfort and durability.

New Winchester Flooring Studio

Not everything in life can be perfect, but we know that your flooring can be. Located within our Winchester store, our newly completed flooring studio has been designed to showcase the very best of our luxury vinyl and wood flooring products, helping you to easily find the perfect flooring solutions for your home.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles | Buyer’s Guide

If you still think of 1980s-style lino when you picture vinyl flooring, it's time you took a look at a luxury vinyl tile buyer's guide to see how much the industry has moved on. From ultra-realistic ceramic-look designs to wood effect and pretty patterns, it's now possible to recreate just about any flooring type with versatile and affordable vinyl.

Divan Beds - Everything You Need to Know

If you're looking for a new bed that comes with a seal of approval from many satisfied users, a divan bed is a great option. Here's all you need to know about this type of bed in a divan beds guide.

Keeping Your Flooring Current

The right flooring choice can make or break the appearance of a room, especially if your aim is an on-trend design. That doesn’t mean that fashionable choices can’t complement the look of your interiors for years to come, however. Find out more about the latest flooring trend and how to inject a trendy twist into any room. 

Best Bed Buys 2017

Choosing a new bed and mattress poses many dilemmas. Comfort will be a top priority, but the style will also feature highly. When you've got so many bed options at your disposal, including divans, four-posters or bed sofas, as well as many mattress types such as memory foam, gel or innerspring, it's easy to see how making the right choices requires meticulous research and consideration. Before you go bed shopping, take a look at this guide and consider what you really want from a new bed or mattress.

This Season’s Biggest Bedroom Trends

Whether you’ve got a bedroom in mind which needs renovating, or you simply want to inject a breath of fresh air into the existing decor, take a look at the key trends and best buys for this season.

Getting The Right Flooring for Each Room

Finding the right flooring for the different rooms in your house can be a challenging task. Ensuring you have the correct style, pile and texture for each individual room is an important factor of buying carpets and flooring.

Which is the Best Carpet Style for your Home?

With so many different carpet and flooring options available, it can be difficult to select the most suitable carpet for your home.

The Right Mattress For Back Pain Sufferers

If you suffer from back pain it is important to choose the right mattress in order to ensure a decent, pain-free night's sleep.

Discover The CMS Downs Difference

At CMS Downs, we pride ourselves on providing each of our customers, both new and returning, with first-class customer service that can be tailored to meet every individual's requirements.

Cosy Carpets for Winter

Introducing a little touch of luxury to your home doesn’t have to be an out of reach treat because your ideal new cosy carpet or sumptuous rug could be more affordable than you may initially think.

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Whether getting enough restful sleep is a constant struggle for you or you are lucky enough to only experience problems occasionally, there are some simple steps you can try to help you nod off and not wake until morning.

Designing Your Master Bedroom

The bed has become much more of a designer item in the mainstream market as manufacturers have bought in upholstered bases and matching headboards in multitudes of colours and fabric styles.

Saxony Carpets - what are they and why are they so popular?

Saxony carpets are an extremely popular choice with British homeowners, as they are not only stylish and elegant to look at, but are also extremely comfortable underfoot.

Get The Best Night’s Sleep with a Perfect Bedroom

The bedroom should be the one place where you can feel relaxed and able to rest and recover from the day CMS Downs sell beds that make the perfect bedroom. 

Home Inspiration: The Big Trends Making an Impact on Carpets in 2016

Home Inspiration: Carpet changes are one of the simplest ways to add character, personality and a fashionable touch to your home. 

How to Care For and Maintain Your New Carpet

Keep on top of dust and dirt - The most important element of good carpet maintenance is preventing dirt from accumulating and stains from appearing in the first instance.

Find The Right Flooring For Your Commercial Property

Here we look at some of the issues you may be finding with investing in new flooring, in addition to the various types of commercial flooring that are available.

Is Hardwood Flooring Right For Your Home?

This article will help you to work out what’s what with hardwood flooring and explore whether it’s the right choice for your home and lifestyle.

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Carpet

With such a wide variety of styles, colours, patterns and textures available it’s important you understand which one is right for you before it’s too late. Read our guide to choosing the perfect carpet to summarise the benefits of each carpet option and answer any burning questions you may have.

The Secret to Buying the Perfect Bed

Looking to purchase a new bed from CMS Downs? Take a look at our buying guide and discover the secret to buying the perfect bed. 

The Results are in...

Over the last year we’ve been sending surveys out to our customers, giving them the chance to feedback on how they had found their experience with CMS Downs. We’ve collated the responses from customers across our Newbury, Winchester and Woking stores and are pleased to announce another year of great results!

Beautiful Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom is much more than just a room for sleeping. In order to induce restful slumbering, it should be a warm, cosy area that has the right mixture of furniture and furnishings with an appreciation of design, styles and colours.

What are the Benefits of a Wool Carpet?

In recent years, wool carpets have become increasingly popular. They have long been renowned for their high quality and the material’s ability to retain its appearance is highly sought after, especially in interior design.

Carpet Colour Considerations

There’s a great deal to think about when choosing a colour for your next carpet. The design and style you pick can say a lot about your personality, as well as creating the right atmosphere in the room. However, by selecting the wrong colour you could change the overall feel and have to live with the wrong decision. There are a number of areas you should think about when choosing a carpet colour.

Buying Beds & Carpets Online: The Good, The Bad and The Uncomfy

Online shopping has never been more popular, with increasing numbers of us turning to the convenience it offer. Indeed, whether it is a service being purchased or a physical item, it seems everything is now available at the click of a button. Some have reservations about shopping for beds online, but in reality, many of the fears people have are unfounded. In this article, CMS Downs debunk some of the more common online bed buying myths.

Carpet Flammability & The Benefits of Wool

Wool carpets have a long list of benefits, a lot of them stemming from its natural fibres. One of these is a natural resistance to flame. Carpets and other floor coverings made of synthetic fibres can encourage the spread of the fire, passing it quickly to furniture. Thankfully, fires are a terrible catastrophe and fortunately very rare occurrences. Wool carpets cannot stop fires from breaking out, but they can slow its spread significantly. The also produce a far lower level of smoke than other fibres.

Why A Man-Made Carpet Might Be Right for You

Since they first appeared in the early 1950s, man-made fibres have ebbed and flowed in popularity. However, they are definitely on an upswing again in carpet manufacturing as, thanks to vastly improved technology, man made carpets have shed their image as the second-best option and become the floor covering of choice for an increasing number of householders.

Underlay Explained

Are you struggling to choose the right underlay? This article highlights everything you need to know to make sure you invest in the right underlay.

Top Carpet Trends for 2015

Now 2015 is well under way, it’s becoming clear what interior design trends are here to stay and which were just passing phases. With that in mind, we take a look at the most prominent trends for this year.

Choosing The Perfect Rug For Your Living Room

As the centre of the home, a living room should be full of atmosphere and feeling and so getting the decor and furniture right is a must. Choosing the right rug and placing it correctly can be the thing that sets a living room apart. Indeed, the best rugs can transform an ordinary living room into a true social hub or an oasis of calm -- whatever it is you desire for your own home.

Carpet Labels and What They Say

Buying a new carpet requires many considerations. It can be costly and inconvenient getting a carpet replaced, so most people will be looking for one that is durable, easy to maintain and repels stains, but also looks good in a particular room. Understanding the finer details and components of a carpet can help to ensure that the right type of carpet is chosen. In most cases, all you need to know is on the carpet label.

Why Do Carpets Vary So Much In Price?

Choosing a carpet for your home is an important decision. Most people opt for a carpet that will last for a while, so it is essential to choose the right one for the particular room or rooms in the home. There are lots of factors to be taken into account when considering which carpet to choose, including how much traffic it will get and what the room is used for, as well as carpet designs, styles and colour schemes. Price also plays a big role in carpet purchase choices, with carpets ranging from the very cheap to the very expensive being widely available.

Keeping Your Carpet Clean: A Handy Guide To Stain Removal

Even with the best intentions of trying to keep your new carpet clean, there will come a time when an unfortunate spill, a pet’s little accident or a child's mucky finger marks may stain your carpet. In this blog post, the CMS downs team share three helpful methods for cleaning your carpet.

The Advantages of Anti-Allergy Mattresses, Beds and Carpets

The use of anti allergy products in the home, such as mattresses, covers and carpeting, has rocketed in recent years. This is because the number of people who are affected by allergies has also risen. In fact, figures suggest that a third of us will be affected by allergies at some point in our life, and one of the worst sources of allergens is the home.

Should You Buy a Plain or Patterned Carpet?

With such a huge array of carpets to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially since the colour and pattern you choose can dramatically affect the design and feel of a room.

A Buyer's Guide to Bed Sizes

Having an understanding of the different bed and matress sizes available before you go shopping will help to ensure that the bed you buy will fit in the space it's supposed to. From the smallest matress in Britan, to a matress that is fit for a king, this buyers guide will tell you everything you need to know about buying a bed for your home.

Your Guide To Bed Frames

We spend up to a third of our lives sleeping, so it makes perfect sense to take time and care in choosing the most appropriate bed and mattress combination for our needs. Beds come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, materials and colours, but for adults there are three main options.