CMS Downs strive to choose the best premium carpet manufacturers available. One of those businesses is Brockway. Brockway is a British family-run carpet maker who has been designing and manufacturing carpets since 1964 in Kidderminster. We’ve selected the finest of their carpets and can offer you an array of colours, textures and styles, all made of 100% wool.


Brockway carpets are the outcome of many generations of families passing on skills and expertise of carpet craftmanship. They are passionate about creating luxury carpets whilst bearing in mind their impact on the environment. They use the finest raw materials to create their carpets, such as the wool in its carpets comes from a renewable source and are biodegradable.

Brockway carpets are made in their dedicated factory in Kidderminster, England, giving them control over how they design and develop their carpets and what products are using in the process. They also work with some of the UK’s leading designers, colourists, yarn suppliers and spinners to ensure they’re ahead of the market, offering the best high-quality carpets.

Brockway carpets are made of 100% wool and will make your home feel warm and comfortable underfoot. The colours we have chosen are in a range of beautiful neutral tones to match various home themes and styles.