CMS Downs - Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

In order to keep your carpet looking good for longer, we recommend a few simple steps:

Vacuum frequently

This will prevent the accumulation of any soiling, particularly in any heavy traffic areas and will prolong the life of your carpet.  Upright carpet cleaners with a beater bar will best loosen and lift the dirt from cut pile carpets, whereas suction cleaners are best for maintaining loop pile carpet, to minimise snagging.

Frequently Clean Areas Subjected to Heavy Traffic

Some areas of the house are more frequently used, for example, entrances, doorways etc.  These evidently collect dirt much more than the rest of the house.  By cleaning these areas it is possible to eliminate the spread of dirt and can extend the time between professional cleans.

Deal with any spillages and stain immediately

Most stains can be more easily removed when attended to straight away.