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Choosing the perfect flooring or bed for your home is a big decision and requires careful consideration. We want to make buying your new carpet, flooring or bed as easy as possible – so we’ve put together some helpful advice and information.  Our articles provide details of  all the latest product innovations,  industry news and manufacturer spotlights.  In addition, we regularly include Buying Guides, Top Tips and useful other information.


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CMS Downs’ Top-Tips For Maintaining Your Carpet

Installing brand new carpet can not only bring a sense of joy and freshness, it can really bring the wow factor to a specific room or home. It not only looks great, but feels even better. I mean, is there any better feeling than freshly laid new carpet? However,

Cosy Carpets for Winter

When the temperatures at an all time low during these dark winter nights, stepping into a cosy home with the feeling of a plush new carpet or luxurious rug underfoot can feel like such a treat after a long, busy and tiring day. Introducing a little touch of luxury

Saxony Carpets – what are they and why are they so popular?

With so many types of carpet on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start when the time comes to choose new flooring for your home. Saxony carpets are an extremely popular choice with British homeowners, as they are not only stylish and elegant to look

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Carpet

Choosing the perfect carpet can really make or break a room. With such a wide variety of styles, colours, patterns and textures available it’s important you understand which one is right for you before it’s too late. Read our guide to choosing the perfect carpet

What are the Benefits of a Wool Carpet?

In recent years, wool carpets have become increasingly popular. They have long been renowned for their high quality and the material’s ability to retain its appearance is highly sought after, especially in interior design. Mixing Wool Fibres Wool from sheep native

Carpet Colour Considerations

There’s a great deal to think about when choosing a colour for your next carpet. The design and style you pick can say a lot about your personality, as well as creating the right atmosphere in the room. However, by selecting the wrong colour you could change the

Carpet Flammability & The Benefits of Wool

Wool carpets have a long list of benefits, a lot of them stemming from its natural fibres. One of these is a natural resistance to flame. Carpets and other floor coverings made of synthetic fibres can encourage the spread of the fire, passing it quickly to

Why A Man-Made Carpet Might Be Right for You

Since they first appeared in the early 1950s, man-made fibres have ebbed and flowed in popularity. However, they are definitely on an upswing again in carpet manufacturing as, thanks to vastly improved technology, man made carpets have shed their image as the

Carpet Labels and What They Say

Buying a new carpet requires many considerations. It can be costly and inconvenient getting a carpet replaced, so most people will be looking for one that is durable, easy to maintain and repels stains, but also looks good in a particular room. Understanding the