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Choosing the perfect flooring or bed for your home is a big decision and requires careful consideration. We want to make buying your new carpet, flooring or bed as easy as possible – so we’ve put together some helpful advice and information.  Our articles provide details of  all the latest product innovations,  industry news and manufacturer spotlights.  In addition, we regularly include Buying Guides, Top Tips and useful other information.


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Roll Up Mattresses – Everything You Need To Know

Mattresses are not your average purchase, they are an investment, costing anything from a few hundred pounds to thousands. But what makes the perfect mattress is very personal: one person’s luxury can be another’s sleepless nightmare. That’s why we believe no

Get To Know Your Carpets

When it comes to choosing the perfect new carpet for your home, it can be quite a daunting task. With such a variety of styles, designs and materials now available, selecting the right one can quickly become confusing. In order to select the perfect carpet for your

CMS Downs Top Tips For Choosing Your New Bed

If it's time to think about choosing your new bed, then make sure you really do some research in selecting the perfect model for your needs. Our guide will help you to make the right choicewith confidence. 1. Assess your needs Think about your current bed and ask

Bedroom Decor Trends 2018

When it comes to bedroom decor, studies suggest that we don't invest as much as we do in other areas of the home such as kitchens or living rooms. But when you stop to think about it, the bedroom is an important space - a place of rest, recuperation and

Shining A Light on Pro-Tek

Choosing a new floor can be a daunting task - especially with so many different options now available for you. That’s why we carefully select all of our products, and it’s important for us they all stand out on their own merits and PRO-TEK is no different. You

Create Your Perfect Rug or Stair Runner

If you're looking for the perfect rug to finish off your room and haven't been able to find what you need, why not take advantage of our bespoke rug service? Our bespoke rugs might well cost less than you expected and will ensure every aspect of your rug is

Mattress Supplier Spotlight

We are delighted to introduce two fantastic new suppliers this month: Sealy and Mlily. We take pride in only selecting the highest-quality mattresses for our customers, which is why we have chosen these two renowned brands. Each has a reputation for excellence and

Carpet Manufacturer Spotlight

We love that we get to bring fantastic high-quality brands to our loyal customers, and we're always excited to talk about some of our favourites. We are proud to show both Brockway carpets and Lano carpets, and we thought we'd share a little about the history of

Mattress Supplier Spotlight

We care about providing quality products for all our customers, which is why we hand-pick only the best mattresses from companies that support our core values. Each of our mattresses for sale is chosen for its incredible value and market-wide appeal, ensuring that