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Heathertwist Elite

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Pile Content:

100% Polypropylene Stain Resistant Twist


Extra Heavy Domestic


Action Back


Available in 4m and 5m widths


10 Year Stain Waranty
7 Year Wear Waranty

Carpet Style

Plain, Tonal, Twist


Greys, Naturals / Beiges



10 Year Stain Warranty

10 Year Stain Warranty

7 Year Wear Warranty

7 Year Wear Warranty



Available 10 - 15 days

Available 10 - 15 days

Top 10 Best Selling Carpet

Top 10 Best Selling Carpet


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This lightly heathered twist has a lovely soft finish and is suitable for all parts of your home.

Heathertwist Elite is a two ply cut twist carpet in 100% Polypropylene, the two ply yarn giving superior performance with improved resilience.

It is available in two qualities 40 oz Supreme and 50 oz Elite, and has a lovely soft finish in a plain design. Heathertwist Elite is a Heavy Domestic carpet and so is suitable for all parts of your home. It is Bleach Cleanable using dilute bleach (10% bleach, 90% water) and so easy to maintain, making it ideal for a busy family home. It comes with a 10 year stain and a 7 year wear warranty.