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Riverside – 50 oz

£32.99 £22.99

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Pile Content:

80% Wool, 20% Polypropylene


Heavy Domestic


Action Back


4m and 5m


WOW (Wool Owners Warranty) available

Carpet Style

Plain, Twist


Browns, Naturals / Beiges


Hugh Mackay

Wow (Wool Owners Warranty) available

Wow (Wool Owners Warranty) available

British Made

British Made

Optional Stain Protection Available

Optional Stain Protection Available

Available 5 - 7 days

Available 5 - 7 days

Available 40oz, 50oz and 60oz

Available 40oz, 50oz and 60oz


Please feel free to add carpet and flooring products to your wishlist.  If you have added a carpet or flooring range we will generally bring samples of all the colours in that range.

Once your wishlist is complete it will be sent to your local store.  A copy will also be emailed to you which may help once you are in-store to identify the ranges that are of interest to you.  If you have booked a Home Visit then we will bring the samples you requested during your appointment.

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Double discount, underlay upgrade with this range to 2nd February, 2020.

Riverside is an very affordably priced wool twist, with coordinating stripes.  It is made with 80% wool and comes in multiple weights (40 oz, 50 oz or 60 oz).  There are thirteen classic plain colours (available 4m and 5m) and two complementary stripes (4m only).