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Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing. At CMS Downs we believe that a good bed is your most important furniture purchase – after all a bed has a huge impact on our quality of sleep.

Everyone’s requirements are different, so our range consists of many different types and styles of beds and mattresses, including pocket sprung, posturepaedic, memory foam and latex. Whether for yourself, a guest bedroom or child's bedroom, we sell beds & mattresses from leading manufacturers such as Harrisons, Sealy, Highgate, Dura beds. We have a large selection of beds & mattresses from stock, including vacuum packed mattresses and our team are specially trained to advise on the best product for your individual requirements.

CMS Downs have large showrooms in Winchester, Newbury and Woking so pop in and try one out for yourself or call us on 0800 731 0953 for more information.

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